Richardson Car Accident Lawyer

Finding a helpful, compassionate Richardson car accident lawyer has never been easier. All you need to do is called us here at Hamilton Law Firm, PLLC, and we would be happy to take a look at your case. The initial consultation is free, so there’s no risk to you, and then we take it one step further: We work on contingency fees. This means that you do not owe us anything until you win. If you have been worried that it’s too expensive to invest in a car accident attorney in Richardson TX, this changes everything. You can fight for your rights after serious injuries without worrying about the financial ramifications.

A Car Accident Lawyer in Richardson TX Who Puts You First

Richardson Car Accident Lawyer

One common complaint people have when working with another Richardson car accident lawyer is that they really only interact with the staff, never the lawyer. They wonder if he or she really cares about their case. That’s not how we do it. You work closely with your car accident attorney in Richardson TX from beginning to end. This is just one of the ways we seek to provide you with the type of service you deserve. Other reasons to consider our Richardson car accident law firm include:

  • 9Our 40 years of experience
  • 9Our AV rating with Martindale, which is the highest they offer
  • 9Our simple, easy communication methods
  • 9Our familiarity with both insurance companies and local doctors
  • 9Our dedication to always keeping you in the loop as things move forward

We know that life already feels challenging when you start looking for a Richardson car accident attorney. You’ve been involved in an accident and have serious injuries. Finding a great car accident law firm in Richardson TX shouldn’t make things even harder. That’s why we’re here for you at this time.

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Please feel free to get in touch with a top Richardson car accident lawyer via the online contact form or just give us a call today at 972-867-7220.